Shopping List

Welcome to the DuinoBots shopping list! Here you’ll find a breakdown by site of all the components you’ll need to put together your DuinoBot. This list does not include any of the 3D-printed case pieces or armor kits, but has everything besides. If you’ve got your own printer you can find the links to all of these parts over in the docs. If you don’t have access to a printer, or would just like to help support the project, you can buy the base and individual armor kits from our shop :).

Please make to sure to check the notes section after the parts list. Some parts are optional, or hard to find in the right quantities online, and might be easier to find at your local hardware store.

ComponentQuantityLinkTinyCircuits VersionAdafruit VersionNotes
M3/M4 Hardware Kit1LinkXX*
Neodymium magnets1LinkXX
Male/Female Test Leads1LinkXX
Resistor Pack1LinkXX
Power Switch1LinkXX+
3/8” Ball caster kit1LinkXX
AAAx4 Battery Holder1LinkXX+
50:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor LP 6V2LinkX+
Servo Motor1LinkXX
M3x5 Grub Screw1LinkXX*
M2x5mm Flat Head Screw1LinkXX*
6mm x 6mm x 5mm Tactile SwitchLinkXX^
Male Header Pack1LinkXX=
Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit LE1LinkX
Adafruit DC Motor Featherwing Board1LinkX
Adafruit Featherwing Proto Board1LinkX
Feather Stacking Headers Pack1LinkX
Feather Female Header Pack1LinkX
Tiny Circuits
TinyZero Processor Board1LinkX
Dual Motor TinyShield1LinkX
Bluetooth Low Energy Tinyshield (ST)1LinkX
Proto Board TinyShield1LinkX
30:1 Gear Motor2LinkX+
1100mAh LiPo Battery1LinkX


(*) You only need a handful of each type of fastener (no more than 11, check the build guides for the exact number of each), but they’re hard to find in small quantities online. These may be easier to find at your local hardware store. The M3 grub screws are only needed if you’re using the 3D-printed wheels, but just about any M3 screw will work. See the (#) note on using the 3D-printed wheels versus the press-fit wheels from Pololu.

(+) The battery holder and switch are optional for the TinyCircuits build (your bot can run just off of the LiPo battery). If you are NOT using the AAA’s, we recommend purchasing the 30:1 gearmotors from the TinyCircuits website. If you ARE using the AAA’s, we recommend buying the 50:1 motors from Pololu (also included in the list). This is to make up for the difference in voltage supplied by the AAA’s versus the LiPo battery.

(#) These can be substituted for 3D-printed wheels and treads that you can find on our Thingiverse. You can also find similar wheels (60mm diameter) that are designed to fit continuous rotation servos from other sources, and those treads should also fit pretty well on the 3D-printed wheels.

(^) You can find these and other similar switches from various other places online, but it is very important that they are the 5.0mm height in order for the hit sensors to work properly.

(=) You really only need 3 male header pins to make a connector for the servo, so if you already have some lying around you can probably skip buying these. You can also just solder the servo directly to the proto board if you don’t want to bother with the connector and in that case you won’t need them.