Build your bot. Get the app. Battle!


DuinoBots are 3D-printed battle bots you control from your smartphone. Pit yourself against your friends in the Ultimate Robot Deathmatch of Doom, and see who emerges victorious!!


What’s a DuinoBot?

DuinoBots are modular, 3D-printed robots bent on destruction! Equipped with working weapons and hit sensors, these battling bots connect to your smartphone via the DuinoBots app, where they are at your command!

Built on Arduino, it’s an open source project dedicated to making engineering and robotics fun.

Buy a kit from our store or hack one together yourself. You can find the code, design files, and everything else you need to build your own bot over in the docs (coming soon).


Build Your Bot

All DuinoBots share a common robot base, which contains the circuitry, motors, batteries, and just about everything else. Apart from the electrical components, the base is almost entirely 3D-printable.

With the robot base completed, you can transform your base into different DuinoBots by outfitting it with 3D-printed armor kits! Turn your bot in Klomp, Maul, Glitch, or another of our growing number of robots.

We also provide base template files for all of the armor kit pieces, so have fun creating your own armor kits and making your DuinoBot your own!


Get the App (Soon)

Battle against your friends in a cagematch-style robot rumble!

Download the DuinoBots app to connect to your bot and start delivering some destruction. Play as different bots to take advantage of unique special abilities and stats.

The DuinoBots app will soon be available for both Android and iOS devices.



Connect to your nearby friends and battle your DuinoBots in real time.

Special moves, buffs, critical hits, and more provide a rich gameplay experience that’s both fun and challenging.

DuinoBots is currently under active development. Want to keep up to date on the project status? Enter your email below and we’ll keep you in the loop, or drop us a note at info@duinobots.com.